Bridge Bidding and Playing Guide

My Bridge Bidding & Playing Guide app (Bridge BPG) is my ultimate Bridge app. It provides everything offered by the Bridge Hand Analyzer (Bridge HA) and the Bridge Bidding Guide (Bridge BG), plus a set of recommended card playing strategies for declarers and defenders (self-study material).

Please note that to run Bridge BPG you will need an Apple iPad.

In terms of bidding, Bridge BPG has access to a very comprehensive set of decision tables for bidding in Bridge. You will be required to enter the 13 cards you have on your hand for immediate analysis by Bridge BPG. On that basis, Bridge BPG may be able to guide you and your partner through to declaring a contract.

It goes without saying that even with perfect bidding you still have to play the cards towards the goal of either winning the contract you have declared, or defeat the contract declared by the opposition.

In terms of playing the cards, Bridge BPG is able to provide you with good examples of card playing strategies. It pays to study the recommended card playing strategies in sufficient detail for you to be able to select successful ones for the hands you have been dealt.

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